Saturday, July 19, 2014

Do Dragon City Hacks exist?

If you haven’t heard about Dragon City then you have never truly enjoyed the facebook browser based games. Dragon City is an online social game developed by Social Point which is based on simply training your pets, more specifically dragons.

What Dragon City is about?

If you are new to this game then you might want to learn more about it. Although the main idea of the game is to breed more and more dragons and fight with rivals but there’s a ton more fun and twists in the game play which can easily occupy you from dawn to dusk.
Firstly you will start on a mystical island with just one dragon. You will be guided to hatch and parent a new dragon which will eventually lead you to the part of the game where breeding of these dragons will take place. Breeding is important as it will deliver you with many new varieties of dragons which will later be used in battles effectively. That’s not the end of the game here. There are many things that you need to take care of like building farms which will be used to grow food which, of course, will be used to feed your dragons. Dragons need continuous supply of food so you just building a single farm won’t serve the purpose.

In game resources: Gold and Gems

Just like dragons there are many types of farms as well and they all produce different type of food. But it’s not that simple. To build more farms you need gold which in turn can be bought by spending gems. Gold and gems can be earned through many mini goals that are offered to you. Gems and gold hold a great importance in the game as your whole success is dependent on them. Without gems you won’t be able to buy gold and without gold you won’t be able to build farms or any other thing. Gems can be bought by real money as well to help boost your overall game progress but why should you spend real money when you can the same gems completely free of cost?

Dragon City Hack programs

This is true, now with the latest Dragon City Gold and Gem hacks now you can ease your way to the top of the game. These are completely secure hacks which provide free unlimited gold and gems. There are no hidden costs and you don’t have to go through a series of long installation processes of multiple softwares. It’s simple and effective. Just download the Dragon City Gold Hack or Dragon City Gem Hack and enter the amount of gold or gems after activating it. That’s it, a piece of cake.

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